Machine Tool Moving

Precision spindles blocked and secured wrong? $18,000 of damage and 6 weeks of down time.  CNC machines moved across the country in the snow with no tarps?  Be ready for $100,000+ in damage and months of downtime, not to mention massive reliability issues.  Broken castings due to the machine being improperly secured during transport?  Bent ball screws and damaged ball nuts due to bouncing axes?  The list is endless.

All of this is easily prevented with the wisdom of the engineers at DN Controls.  We have the experience and knowledge to keep your machines safe from the time they are decommissioned until they are recommissioned at their new location.

Pfauter gear hobber prepped for moving

Our moving package includes down wiring, blocking, strapping, rust proofing, and desiccant packs for electrical cabinets.  We also offer to test and document the functionality and accuracy of a machine before and after moving to ensure that your machine works the same as it did before it was moved.  Don’t sacrifice your bottom line for cheap machine move,  call the experts to keep your machinery safe.


Move your machine safely!