DN Controls engineers have accumulated over 25 years of combined experience in the CNC and industrial automation world.  We service and support Siemens, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, NUM and many other control systems.  Put our experience to work in your facility to increase productivity, extend machine life, and reduce scrap.  We will respond quickly and attentively to your critical machine downtime situations while being mindful of your budgetary concerns.

Upgrades, improvements, tuning, and accurizing of your existing systems will increase your bottom line while reducing your maintenance budget.  Our engineers can design and implement upgrades to your existing systems including but not limited to CNCs, PLCs, HMIs, operator control stations, data logging, and other software or hardware improvements.  Tuning of older servo systems once the machine mechanical system has worn over time can improve machine response, speed, positioning, and cycle times.  Backlash, lost motion issues, gear train wind-up, and stick-slip conditions can negatively impact machine performance.  We can correctly identify these problems and in most cases, compensate for the inaccuracies that they cause.

Today’s demanding manufacturing environment requires devices to be connected. Networked CNCs allow sharing, uploading, and downloading of part programs from a central location such as a post processor or CAD/CAM station. Data collection is an integral part of a quality manufacturing process.  Part and batch tracking, recipe control, and failure analysis data logs are necessary to stay competitive. Whether networking computers, servers, CNCs or automation devices, we have the knowledge to get you up and running.

As with any network, your industrial manufacturing network of devices must be protected from all threats whether internal or external. The nature of the industrial environment introduces a higher risk of hardware failures.  Our knowledge of network security will protect your investments from the ever growing threat of malware and hackers. DN Controls engineers can safeguard your data by installing and maintaining redundant systems with automatic backups, firewall systems, and anti-virus solutions.

Often it is more economical to upgrade existing machines or processes rather than buying new.  DN Controls engineers can design an efficient, safe and affordable solution to facilitate your manufacturing needs.  An aging or inefficient manufacturing process can be updated to help you stay competitive in today’s market. Our engineers have the knowledge to help you redesign your workflow, material flow, and processes in order to maximize productivity.  We can consult with you on the latest manufacturing and automation processes to boost your production and increase your bottom line.

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